Magnet Programs

Architectural and Mechanical

Architectural and MechanicalAt Reed Academy for Engineering, students study two areas of engineering in the fifth grade. Students design and build towers and bridges with architectural engineering in the fall, and explore simple machines, Newton's Laws of Motion, and gear ratios in the spring with mechanical engineering. The Young Inventors Club is an after-school program where students work to design and build their own inventions.

Aerospace and Robotics

Aerospace and RoboticsStudents study aerospace engineering in the fall semester of 6th grade. Topics students study include: lighter than air flight, airplanes, rockets, and forces that act on flying objects. Students also spend time in the ISS Reed lab where they work cooperatively to solve problems on a journey to Mars or the Moon. In the second semester of 6th grade, students study robotics. They begin with making simple robots that are pre-designed and move on to creating their own robots and their own programs.

Interactive Engineering Centers

Architectural and Mechanical Engineering Lab There are two types of learning centers in the Engineering Lab: discovery and modular learning. Students work in engineering teams, large groups, and flexible groups. There are 18 self-paced modules that allow students to "own" their learning. These modules focus on engineering concepts, while utilizing the Engineering Design Process, including: Building Bridges and Towers, Computer Aided Drafting, and Force. Applied Technologies Center (ATC) Applied Technologies is an elective class that serves as a capstone for students completing their two years at Reed Academy. Students integrate emergent technology with the engineering design process to design, fabricate, and market a product of their own creation. The ATC integrates all content areas. Mission Control Center (MCC) The Mission Control Center is interactive engineering center at Reed Academy. Students in Mission Control work in support of their counterpart teams on the ISS Reed. Teams in the Mission Control Center analyze data, give directions, and share information with teams on the ISS Reed. Communication between the MCC and ISS Reed is through Internet messaging, video conferencing, and radio communications. The MCC integrates all content areas. International Space Station Reed (ISS-R) The International Space Station Reed is a center where students experience a mock space mission to the moon, or Mars. Students work in teams to ensure the success of the mission. Some of the teams are in the areas of: engineering, biology, geology, communications, and health/medicine. Each team has certain obstacles that must be overcome to ensure that the entire mission is a success. Robotics Design and Technology Integration Laboratory (RD-TI) The RD-TI laboratory is an interactive learning environment where students explore automation and control, robotic design, and robotic programming. Students design and build robots to complete a given task, or series of tasks. After building the robots, the students program the robots. The students test, revise, and re-test their creations until the specifications of the design are met.